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Shillington Aquariums Is Celebrating 40 Years Of Great Customer Service
  • Expert Advise On All of Your Aquarium Needs!
  • Specializing In Personalized Aquarium Set-Ups For Home Or Office.
  • Great Selection Of Pond And Water Garden Supplies.

  • Shillington Aquariums Is a family owned business starting back in 1970.
    Our belief is the more artifical the more maintenance, the more maintenance the more chance of error, more errors less chance of you staying in the hobby plus the loss of life! Come vist our beautiful showroom and let us show you just how easy it really is.

Why an Aquarium?

  • Creates living art
  • Is relaxing and helps reduce stress
  • Fish are excellent pets
  • Provides a unique conversation piece
  • Fascinating and educational hobby


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  • THURSDAYS: 11:00AM to 5:30pm DISCOUNT DAY
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Custom Aquariums

We Are The Marineland Of The Inland Empire, specialist in fresh and saltwater fish.
Let us help you set up a healthy aquarium where all of your fish and coral are compatable.

Current Specials

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  • also we have red dragonets in stock , shark fin wrasse , lg.beautiful purple footed anemones and much more ................thanks........=)